Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The past, present and future

How technology advancements change our way of life you say?

In the past people hunt animal for lunch, now we hunt for seats to eat our lunch.

In the past people travel for hours or even days to find food and trade, now we sit doing nothing for hours in car at the same time money wasted on petrol when traffic jams.

In between eating and traveling how technology changes our holiest, revered and personal activity of all? Praying… Well, there’s a glimpse of how we will pray in the future if we are complacent now. For programmers, ever wonder how algorithms and repetition capability help in praying?


What's this all about?

Choose which religion you follow. Then a page which describes how this "automated" praying system will do. Choose type of prayer you want. Then, finally choose method of payment to subscribe to this incredible and wonderful "automated" system. Note, they accept paypal, probably MOL too... heh...

PS. They say, 10% of the subscription fee will be donated to selected charity organization. This implies 90% of it goes to their pocket.

One thing that cracks me up the most..

If it's too small let me quote. "All Muslim prayers are voiced in English, with computer speakers facing Mecca". Hmm... Shouldnt the whole computer system(server rack, laptops, desktop or whatever they running the software on) facing Mecca?

For those who are interested, click here.

Something to ponder..... about technology..

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