Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Anomaly

It is a fact that 1% of the population in the world holds the majority of the wealth.
In probability distribution wealth should be evenly distributed thus on graph it suppose to be a normal curve as below:

X- axis will be the level of how wealthy a person is while Y axis is the number of people. Naturally, the nature of the universe, the representation wealth should be as depict in a form of a bell curve. The left represent the outliers for the extremely poor. The other end, for the rich. However, as for now, it is not the case.
Current situation is depicted as below:
The number of poor is almost as much or if not more than the middle class. Some factors must have cause the disturbance of this "normal distribution" that systematically direct the flow of the wealth to that 1 percent of people.

Something to ponder on this "unnatural" occurrence.


din said...

It can never be equal. The closest thing humans have came near to destroying poverty is the nation called "America". Capitalism is the way to go, even China has proclaimed, "being rich is glorious" :)

Imaizumi said...

Its not about equal, its about being distributed in a form of bell curve. Look at "normal distribution probability"

din said...

Well, look at this way. Society in the pass has always existed in a "triangle" hierachy, the rich and powerful at the top, while the poor caste sits at the bottom. This is obvious in times of ancient egypt and even up to the classic times of Melaka. Thus today's distribution of wealth is a slight advancement to this, with the poorer becoming much lesser than what it used too. For it to become a bell curve, it would take a long long time, and a lot of effort. I dont think even 500 years could change that.In more practical words, somebody has to do the dirty jobs that nobody else wants to do(jobs which are of less pay that is).

Imaizumi said...

Which brings to the original question, why? Naturally means it occurs naturally. Normal distribution is what happens naturally. When something is upsetting that natural force, it becomes unnatural. The article highlights that unnatural occurrence, thus the Anomaly. When efforts are required to produce something than it is not natural, its artificial. (Assuming normal distribution is natural as most types, context belongs to middle ground instead of the extremities)